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Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis – Big Data and computer tools Our information age more often feels like an era of information overload. Excess amounts of information are overwhelming; raw data becomes useful only when we apply methods of deriving insight from it. … Continue reading

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Programming for the kids!

Few websites for gentle introduction to game programming Learn Python the hard way! Learn to code from Google Coding University A few fantastic coding websites to visit for the young; is a non-profit whose goal is to … Continue reading

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Distributed Version Control Systems

Hello, a brief topic on Version Control Systems. I have used a few in the past mostly with Subversion – SVN. I liked this product very much.  This product can be found at Extensive free documentation on SVN can be … Continue reading

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Manning River History

A Manning Valley Timeline 1770 Captain Cook, sailing a fair distance from shore, observed three prominent mountains grouped together, which he called the Three Brothers. They also observed smoke from the fires of aborigines. (The district TV towers are now … Continue reading

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Q Station at Manly, August 2013

I organised a Deaf Men’s day out at Q Station, Manly on North Head, only 2 km away from Manly Wharf. We had a tour guide at 12.15pm that was supposed to last for only 45 minutes but knowing what … Continue reading

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My three favorite electronics prototyping platforms

1. Ardunio 2. Raspberry Pi 3. BeagleBone Tutorial on how to use BeagleBone That’s all! Deaf Dave.  

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Balmain Cemetery

I visited the Pioneers Memorial Park  (formerly the Balmain Cemetery) which is located at Norton St, Liechhardt on Monday 5th August 2013. This cemetery opened in 1868 and closed in 1912. This cemetery during that time accepted 10,608 interments. My … Continue reading

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