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Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve carries an extensive range of signals from digestive system and organs to the brain and vice versa. It is the tenth cranial nerve, extending from its origin in the brainstem through the neck and the thorax down … Continue reading

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Social Media explained…

Twitter. I am eating a #donut. FaceBook. I like donuts. Instagram. Here is a vintage photo of my donut. YouTube. Here is a video of me eating a donut. LinkedIn. My skills include donut eating. PInterest. Here is a donut … Continue reading

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Cell division explained VERY quickly

oO8o o Thats it 🙂

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Fleur de lis – what is it?

The fleur-de-lis, also spelled fleur-de-lys (plural fleurs-de-lis or fleurs-de-lys), is a Lily (in French, fleur and lis mean ‘flower’ and ‘lily’ respectively) that is used as a decorative design or symbol. … The fleur-de-lis has been used by French royalty and throughout … Continue reading

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AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time which is 11 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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Regular Expressions and Python

Python is a great scripting language. Al Sweigart wrote great Python books; Automate the boring tasks with Python Read his books online or buy his books. I have all of his books! Regular expressions allow you to … Continue reading

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The method used to fall asleep in just one minute

Simply breathe in for four seconds, hold the breath for seven seconds and exhale completely to a count of eight. It only takes a few seconds and Weil suggests repeating the technique up to four times. “This exercise is a … Continue reading

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Programming for the kids!

Few websites for gentle introduction to game programming Learn Python the hard way! Learn to code from Google Coding University A few fantastic coding websites to visit for the young; is a non-profit whose goal is to … Continue reading

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Manning River History

A Manning Valley Timeline 1770 Captain Cook, sailing a fair distance from shore, observed three prominent mountains grouped together, which he called the Three Brothers. They also observed smoke from the fires of aborigines. (The district TV towers are now … Continue reading

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