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Quotes once again!

You may tend to see people as competition, or as adversaries. If so, a change of heart might involve learning to see the innocence in them. Or you might see life as a contest but wish to stop keeping score … Continue reading

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Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve carries an extensive range of signals from digestive system and organs to the brain and vice versa. It is the tenth cranial nerve, extending from its origin in the brainstem through the neck and the thorax down … Continue reading

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Social Media explained…

Twitter. I am eating a #donut. FaceBook. I like donuts. Instagram. Here is a vintage photo of my donut. YouTube. Here is a video of me eating a donut. LinkedIn. My skills include donut eating. PInterest. Here is a donut … Continue reading

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A camping quote for today. August 2021

Go camping. If ever you wanted to a strategy that would virtually guarantee to help you regain appreciation for your home and its many conveniences, this is it. And, to top it off, you will have fun, too!

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DNA – the blocks of life on Earth.

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A few quotes

Life is an ongoing journey of change and choice, a surrendering of the old and a trust in the new beginning. Caroline Myss We live in faith, hope and love, These Three; But the greatest of these is love. 1 … Continue reading

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Fleur de lis – what is it?

The fleur-de-lis, also spelled fleur-de-lys (plural fleurs-de-lis or fleurs-de-lys), is a Lily (in French, fleur and lisĀ meanĀ ‘flower’ and ‘lily’ respectively) that is used as a decorative design or symbol. … The fleur-de-lis has been used by French royalty and throughout … Continue reading

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2020 is Over!

2019. I went to Japan.2020. What happened?2021. Life is back to normal. Almost!

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Few jottings

Yes I have been quiet. The last post was October 2019. So much has happened this year – the year 2020! I will talk more about my experiences this year in a future post. A few quotes that have inspired … Continue reading

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Expectancy effect

People have reported seeing a face on Mars, or Elvis in the form of a tree, or even seeing the Virgin Mary in a toasted cheese sandwich. This sort of expectancy effect is really common throughout cognition, and psychology, more … Continue reading

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