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Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis – Big Data and computer tools Our information age more often feels like an era of information overload. Excess amounts of information are overwhelming; raw data becomes useful only when we apply methods of deriving insight from it. … Continue reading

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Programming for the kids!

Few websites for gentle introduction to game programming Learn Python the hard way! http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/ Learn to code from Google Coding University https://developers.google.com/university/ A few fantastic coding websites to visit for the young; Code.org is a non-profit whose goal is to … Continue reading

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Distributed Version Control Systems

Hello, a brief topic on Version Control Systems. I have used a few in the past mostly with Subversion – SVN. I liked this product very much.  This product can be found at http://subversion.apache.org/ Extensive free documentation on SVN can be … Continue reading

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