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Family Tree Research – Taree December 2016

I took my mighty black corolla up to Taree for two nights from 11th December to 13th December (Sunday to Tuesday) 2016. Three goals; research my family history, secondly visit the Ellenborough Falls and finally see my parents and my … Continue reading

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Manning River History

A Manning Valley Timeline 1770 Captain Cook, sailing a fair distance from shore, observed three prominent mountains grouped together, which he called the Three Brothers. They also observed smoke from the fires of aborigines. (The district TV towers are now … Continue reading

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Balmain Cemetery

I visited the Pioneers Memorial Park  (formerly the Balmain Cemetery) which is located at Norton St, Liechhardt on Monday 5th August 2013. This cemetery opened in 1868 and closed in 1912. This cemetery during that time accepted 10,608 interments. My … Continue reading

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GEDCOM file accepted for storage at Salt Lake City, UTAH. Internet Genealogical Service.

FamilySearch – International Genealogical Service has accepted my GEDCOM file (an genealogical data file representing my family tree in a standard genealogical format). Thank you for submitting your GEDCOM file(s) using the Preserve Your Genealogy option at  This message contains … Continue reading

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Taree, NSW, Australia

Taree – Culture and History In 1770 when Captain Cook first sailed up the eastern coast of Australia he identified and named ‘The Brothers’, a group of three mountains – South, Middle and North Brother Mountains. At the time the … Continue reading

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