Balmain Cemetery

I visited the Pioneers Memorial ParkĀ  (formerly the Balmain Cemetery) which is located at Norton St, Liechhardt on Monday 5th August 2013. This cemetery opened in 1868 and closed in 1912. This cemetery during that time accepted 10,608 interments.

Pioneeers Memorial Park entrance Dave and the pioneers memorial park sign Old Balmain Cemetery 1868 - 1912 RIP to 10608 souls. Pioneers Memorial Park declaration.

My ancestor, James Fitzgerald via my dad’s mum heritage was buried at the Balmain Cemetery on 1883. According to the registry (part 2), James Fitzgerald was mentioned.
FITZGERALD James 1883 24 6378 Part 2

The Balmain Burial register can be found at

More information about James Fitzgerald can be found at

More information can be found at the website which is maintained by Tricia Mack.

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