GEDCOM file accepted for storage at Salt Lake City, UTAH. Internet Genealogical Service.

FamilySearch – International Genealogical Service has accepted my GEDCOM file (an genealogical data file representing my family tree in a standard genealogical format).

Thank you for submitting your GEDCOM file(s) using the Preserve Your Genealogy option at  This message contains a list of the file(s) you submitted.
Your GEDCOM file(s) have been accepted for storage in the Granite Mountain Record Vault near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Your genealogical information has been added to the search index on the FamilySearch Internet Genealogical Service as well as to the Pedigree Resource File compact disc volume 150.

Accepted files(s) : ParkerFamilyTreeJuly2010.ged, on July 4, 2010 00:55

I am so happy with this result!

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DeafDave is a Deaf person who uses Auslan (Australian Sign Language). He is from Australia.
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