What Makes Us Tick?

What Makes Us Tick?
The Ten Desires that Drive us
Hugh Mackay.

The book that explains us to ourselves – from one of Australia’s most admired authors.
1. The desire to be taken seriously
2. The desire for my place
3. The desire for something to believe in
4. The desire to connect
5. The desire to be useful
6. The desire to control
7. The desire for more
8. The desire for control
9. The desire for something to happen
10. The desire for love

Why do we talk as if we’re rational, but act as if we’re not? Why do some people always want to take control? What is the true role of religion? Why do we seek change, yet resist it? Why do we want more of the things that have failed to satisfy us? Why are we so passionate about sport? Why do we fall out of love?

As Australia’s leading social researcher, Hugh Mackay has spent a lifetime of listening to people talk about their dreams, their fears, their hopes, their disappointments and their passions. In a series of bestselling books, he has documented the impact of the changes that have been radically reshaping our society.

Now, he reflects on some of the things that don’t change and identitifies ten desires that drive us all. Insightful and engaging, WHAT MAKES US TICK? reveals Mackay’s formidable skills as a chronicler and interpreter of our motivations. In his exploration of why we do the things we do, he goes to the heart of some of life’s big questions.

About the Author
Hugh Mackay is a psychologist, social researcher and novelist. He has a master s degree in moral philosophy and was one of the founders of the St James Ethics Centre. His publication, THE MACKAY REPORT, was the benchmark of social research in Australia for over thirty years. He has been awarded honorary doctorates from the University of NSW, Macquarie and Charles Sturt universities. His most recent titles published by Hachette are ADVANCE AUSTRALIA WHERE?, WAYS OF ESCAPE, RIGHT & WRONG, WINTER CLOSE.

Hugh MacKay refers to Don Cuppit’s Sea of Faith movement and similar organisations as being what will, in the future, replace the church.

Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA) is a network of autonomous individuals who have only one commitment which is to openly explore matters of religion faith and meaning. It has no creed and every individual within it is free to believe what they choose. Differences are discussed with patient and sympathetic disagreement and the views of others are respected to the extent that refutations of other points of view are accompanied by rational argument and good humour.

Many in SoFiA have once been part of a church and some still are. They choose to engage with SoFiA because it a comfortable space where they are free to ask questions and voice doubts. Unlike the church, those in SoFiA do not claim to have the answers but, also unlike the church, they are prepared to discuss the questions.

SoFiA has no hierarchy. It has a small committee which collects subscriptions, maintains a web site, organizes conferences and publishes a monthly newsletter, but it does not tell anyone what they should think, do or believe.

Like Hugh MacKay, many members would define religion as simply a view of the world which enables people to make the best sense they can of life in general and their own lives in particular and most would see stories about the super-natural as they see Greek myths, fairy tales, novels, films, plays and television drama – stories which illustrate some truths about the world but which have been wrapped in a fictional context.


Interesting response from Public Christainity

Food for thought huh. I highly recommend this book, What Makes Us Tick?

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