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31 Secrets.

1. Write and Read Your Goals
Affirmation: My goals are clear. They are written from my heart. I can see my light upon the horizon.
2. Clear Away your Goal’s Obstacles
Affirmation: I accomplish my big goals one simple step at a time.
3. Prioritize Your Activities
Affirmation:  I plan my day, I prioritize my plan, and I am productive because of this priority.
4. Act on Top Priorities
Affirmation:  I am disciplined, and I focus on my top priorities; therefore, I am successful.
5. Visualize Your Success
Affirmation:  I am see myself succeeding; it is done. Wow, what a feeling!
6. Write and Read Your Affirmations
Affirmation:  My affirmations are true, and I say them from my heart every day.
7. Practice Deep Breathing and Stretching
Affirmation:  I am stretching beyond my limitations and breathing inspiration into my actions.
8. Do Selective and Collective Reading
Affirmation:  I focus on the successful, motivating stories of others. I am inspired to greatness!
9. Groom For Success
Affirmation: Thank you, my body. I love you and I groom you well.
10. Dress For Success
Affirmation: Every day, I dress for success and look my best.
11. Love What You Do and Do What You Love
Affirmation: I do what I love, and I love what I do.
12. Surround Yourself With Succeeders
Affirmation: I associate with success, and I surround myself with inspired life builders.
13. Drink Lots of Water
Affirmation: I am clean, clear, and refreshed. I sparkle as I drink my life-giving water.
14. Eat Light, Moderate Meals
Affirmation: I eat wisely. Every bite I take builds my dreams of success.
15. Reduce the Four Addictors
Affirmation: I am a master of myself, and my middle name is moderation.
16. Contract and Then Relax All Muscles
Affirmation: I let go of stress by contracting all of my muscles and then relaxing them.
17. Help Others Fulfil Their Goals
Affirmation: Today, I open my heart, keep my eyes open, and do what I can to help others.
18. Save 5 to 10 percent of your earnings
Affirmation: Through my savings, I am growing richer and more adundant day by day. I pay myself first.
19. Write Three Thank you Letters
Affirmation: I reflect upon my day, and I am grateful. I write my three thank-you letters daily.
20. Reward Yourself for Your Accomplishments
Affirmation: I acknowledge myself for succeeding and reward myself with love.
21. Express Feelings Of Love
Affirmation:  I express my feelings of love daily, and what I express outwardly is returned to my heart.
22. Hug Someone Special
Affirmation: I am a shining hugger, and I embrace everything with love!
23. Clean and Organize Your Environment
Affirmation: I organize my environment and feel successful in my life.
24. Eliminate Low Priority Unneccessities
Affirmation: I serve myself through all of my high-prioirty actions, thoughts, and deeds. I eliminate “unnecessities.”
25. Study the Subject You’d Love to Master
Affirmation: I study what I woudl love to master. I am learning in leaps and bounds every day in every way!
26. Spend Time in Total Meditative Silence
Affirmation: I am silent, and my heart is open. I meditate to receive in spiring, guiding messages daily.
27. Massage Your Body or Scalp
Affirmation: I help my body center itself by lovingly energizing it through massage.
28. Take a Hot Bath Before Retiring
Affirmation: I use nature’s power in the form of water to wash away my stress and plan for my success.
29. Count Your Blessings with Gratitude
Affirmation:  I am thankful for my gifts today. My heart is filled with gratitude!
30. Get A Good Night’s Rest
Affirmation: I am an early bird! I got to bed early and gree the new day with joy!
31. Follow a Stress to Success Checklist.
Affirmation: I follow my success checklist daily, for I know the value of a checkup from the neck up!

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