Winter Magic Festival – Blue Mountains – June 2013

We left our home for Blue Mountains to visit the Winter Magic Festival June 21 to June 23rd. What magic it was! This festival is a free annual community event, celebrated around the Winter solstice in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW.

The Winter Solstice in 2013 is June 21st, 5:04am.  What is the winter solstice? It is the day when the Sun reaches its furthest north position in the sky and starts moving back towards the south. It marks one of the main turning points in the year with the others being the equinoxes and the summer solstice in December.

We caught up with our family and friends. We explored, we laughed, we chatted and we dined. We were lucky not to experience the downpour on Saturday at all! On Sunday, it was only a light drizzle.

Heavy traffic on the way to Katoomba - M4


3642 Steam Train3642 Steam Train - lots of steam!


IMG_5199 IMG_5193

My family having dinnerIMG_5227

On the way home

Foggy Katoomba

Overall, it was a great weekend away!


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