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The Carbon tax topic is a hot topic! Lots of irrational fears and lots of denials. I always thought it was obvious that human activities are having an impact on the environment through farming, transportation and mining for example.
Leo Simpson Editor of Silicon Chip magazine has summed it up well. The Copenhagen climate summit was a failure. But there has been a genral shift in peole’s attitude to climate change. Climate Change? Scientists say so. Unfortunately the number of climate change deniers have increased.
Growing realisation in Australia that carbon tax will have a significant cost and will have a big impact on employment. A tiny reduction in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions (overall insigificant in terms of world emissions) will mean the carbon tax process is futile!
The Greens political party aims for a complete renewable energy process which is not practical and unrealistic today with current technology. There is not enough renewable energy to power what is going on today in Australian society. It means much higher electricity prices and lots of job losses. Greens want to stop all forms of coal mining. They mean well… But will the government understand the ramifications and combat the climate change?
Climate Change Commisssioner Tim Flannery has admitted that any action we do in terms of climate change will take centuries before it has any measurable effect! So governments should act to promote economic activity while still doing all they can to protect the environnment. Practically this carbon tax will not have any beneficial effects… Article shortened by David Parker based on Leo Simpson’s publisher’s letter. Silicon Chip June 2011.

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