Dont sweat the small stuff

Few more quotes that I enjoyed very much. Hope you do too.

Go camping. If ever you wanted a strategy that would virtually guarantee to help you regain appreciation for your home and its many conveniences, this is it. And, to top it off, you will have fun too!

While learning to stop sweating the small stuff wont solve all your problems immediately, it will make dealing with them a little easier. As you learn to be more accepting of life, and as little things don’t get to you as much, you will get used to handling things in healthier easier ways, and with far less struggle. You will become happier, more content and confident, and more at peace with yourself.

Learn to live in the present moment. To a large degree, the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment. Irrespective of what happened yesterday or last year, and what may or may not happen tomorrow, the present moment is where you are – always.

The best laid plans often take on a life of their own. Being more malleable will help you solve problems and access serenity in the middle of chaos. Life itself is perfect in its imperfection, and if we hold on too tightly, we squeeze out the magic of the moment.

While we may attempt to exercise control over the clutter and craziness of our lives through adhering tightly to schedules and plans, sometimes the best way to achieve a sense of balance and equanimity is to just let go. Oftentimes, surrendering and letting go of your worries, fears, expectations, plans and sometimes your schedule, can relive the stress that robs you of your happiness and joy.

Emotions are meant to be emot4d. We cannot, nor should we, contain our tears any more than we can stifle our laughter. we’ve seen how small children can cry and scream one moment, then laugh and giggle the next. They intuitively know to let go of their previous feelings. And so it is with the rest of us.

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