Deaf Dave's family tree

Thompson Ancestry - my maternal grandma's side

David's ancestors
John Thompson 1834-1877
married Emily Byrnes 1856
3rd great-grandfather

Alice Mary Thompson 1873-1911
married Williams George Stevens
Daughter of John Thompson

Elsie Anne Stevens 1902-1968
Daughter of Alice Mary Thompson

Frank Alfred Radich 1919-1988
married Joyce Boland
Son of Elsie Anne Stevens

Janice Clare Radich 1943-
Daughter of Frank Alfred Radich

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Janice Clare Radich

John Thompson was born in 1834 in Belfast, Antrim, the son of Bridget and George. He married Emily Byrnes on 19 June 1856. They had ten children in 34 years. He died on 11 October 1877 at the age of 43.

Extra information
John Thompson was a member of Hibernian Australasian Catholic Benefit (CB) Society. Brother John Thompson was the president of St Joseph's Branch, No.68.

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