Deaf Dave's family tree

Reynolds ancestry... 

David's ancestry via his mum's side

Francis Reynolds 1807-1877
4th great-grandfather

Margaret Reynolds 1833-1864
Daughter of Francis Reynolds

Joseph Boland 1850-1914
Son of Margaret Reynolds

Charles Leo Boland 1891-1955
Son of Joseph Boland

Joyce Amelia Boland 1919-2008
Daughter of Charles Leo Boland

Janice Clare Radich 1943-
Daughter of Joyce Amelia Boland

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Janice Clare Radich

Synopisis - Francis Reynold - a convict.
Francis Reynolds was born in 1807 in Kildare. He married Honora Murphy on 29 November 1832. They had six children in 17 years. He died in 1877 in Young, New South Wales, at the age of 70.

20 Feb 1825, Francis was tried for housebreaking and felony stealing clothes. He was convicted on 25 Feb 1825 and sentenced to transportation for 7 (seven), years. He arrived in Port Jackson on 3 Dec 1825 on the ship "Henry Porcher". He received his Certificate of Freedom on 28 Feb 1832.

29 Nov 1832 Francis and Honora (Johanna) nee Murphy received permission to marry. They were married that day in St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Sydney, NSW. 

There are notes that he and Honora "Johanna" has possibly 6 (six) children.  John being the youngest. Mary b. 1844, married Erasmus Darwin Kimbell and had 7 (seven), children Caroline b. 8 Mar 1847, married Patrick Slattery and had 8 (eight), children and John b. 1850 b. Apr 1850, married Bridget nee Bishop (Murphy).


FRANCIS REYNOLDS per Ship Henry Porcher. Native Place, County Kildare. Trade  Groom and Horse-breaker. Age, 28 years. Height 5-ft 4-in Hair, brown, Complexion, ruddy pock marked Eyes hazel. Scar on the left, eye brow, the right knee has been broken.