Deaf Dave's family tree

Radich ancestry (David's maternal side)

David's ancestry

Thomas Radich 1854-1931
2nd great-grandfather

Francis Henry Radich 1900-1975
Son of Thomas Radich

Frank Alfred Radich 1919-1988
Son of Francis Henry Radich

Janice Clare Radich 1943-
Daughter of Frank Alfred Radich

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Janice Clare Radich

Thomas Radich was born in 1854 in Austria (an island Bol Brac off Yugoslavakia), the son of Margarita and Gjuro. He married Louisa Donovan on 26 June 1889 in Sydney, New South Wales. They had five children in 10 years. He died on 13 October 1931 in Bexley, New South Wales, at the age of 77, and was buried in Sutherland, New South Wales.

Why did Thomas (Tomo) Radich (Radic) move to Australia? 
Thomas left Bol, Brac off the coast of Dalmatia (Croatia) by ship at the age of approximately 29 years of age. At the time  in late 19th centure, the Radic family owned a coastal shipping line and Thomas was in charge of loading one of the ships which sank and caused a disastrous loss . It evidently wasn't insured and the story the family told me was because of bad feelings over this incident, Thomas left and came to Australia on the ship Orancy.

Later the family wanted him to come back but he never returned. He died in 1931 at his home, 80 Preddey's Rd Bexley NSW.

Bol Brac, Croatia
Bol is a town on the Croatian island of Brač, off the coast of Split. Its seafront promenade leads to the long Zlatni Rat beach. To the west, the Dragon’s Cave contains a 15th-century chapel with carved wall details. Nearby, the Blaca Hermitage is built into a steep cliff. East, the 15th-century Dominican Monastery houses Croatian Baroque paintings. Inland, Vidova Gora mountain offers panoramic views of the coast. More information can be found at

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