Deaf Dave's family tree

Lorensen ancestry... 

David's ancestry via his dad

Ellen Maria Lorenson 1817-NaN
3rd great-grandmother

Hannah (Anne) Marie MATHIESEN 1850-1917
Daughter of Ellen Maria Lorenson

Agnes Marie Seistrup 1889-1958
Daughter of Hannah (Anne) Marie MATHIESEN

Douglas George Parker 1918-1986
Son of Agnes Marie Seistrup

Barry Douglas Parker 1940-
Son of Douglas George Parker

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Barry Douglas Parker

Ellen Maria Lorenson was born in 1817 in Denmark, the daughter of Karen and Christian. She had one daughter with Hans Jorgen Matheisen in 1850. She died in her hometown, and was buried in Ravsted, Sonderjylland, Denmark.

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