Deaf Dave's family tree

McDonald Ancestry - my paternal grandpa side

David's ancestors
Kenneth McDonald 1805-1888
4th great-grandfather

Ann Flora McDonald 1836-1869
Daughter of Kenneth McDonald

Euphemia Ann McKinnon 1856-1942
Daughter of Ann Flora McDonald

George Spencer Manning Parker 1883-1957
Son of Euphemia Ann McKinnon

Douglas George Parker 1918-1986
Son of George Spence Manning Parker

Barry Douglas Parker 1940-
Son of Douglas George Parker

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Barry Douglas Parker

Kenneth McDonald was born in 1805, the son of Isabella and James. He married Catherine Martin on 1 February 1832. They had eight children in 16 years. He died on 2 February 1888 in Taree, New South Wales, having lived a long life of 83 years.

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