Deaf Dave's family tree

Goodwin Ancestry - my paternal grandpa side

David's ancestors

Richard Goodwin 1833-
3rd great-grandfather

Gerald Francis Goodwin 1858-1925
Son of Richard Goodwin

Muriel E I Goodwin 1888-1953
Daughter of Gerald Francis Goodwin

Daphne Emily Edith Millard 1919-2009
Daughter of Muriel E I Goodwin

Barry Douglas Parker 1940-
Son of Daphne Emily Edith Millard

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Barry Douglas Parker

Richard Goodwin was born on 3 February 1833 in Cullompton, Devon, the son of Ann and Richard. He married Emily Fitzgerald in 1854 in Windsor, New South Wales. They had two children during their marriage. He had one sister. 

Richard Goodwin's parents
Richard Goodhind was born in Cullompton, Devon, England, and died in the same place. He had one son and one daughter with Ann Goodhind between 1833 and 1835. 

Ann Goodwin who came to Sydney, NSW, Australia as a convict was actually Ann Goodhind. She came via this vessel, "Henry Wellesley" with daughter Sarah and son Richard, 22 December 1837.  Ann then went to the female factory with Richard and Sarah. 

Ann was born about 1812 in Downpatrick, Down, Northern Ireland. Sadly, she drowned and died on 28 Nov 1842 Mulgoa Forest, NSW Australia.

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Richard Goodwin - his identity was of a mystery for a long time. The Richard Goodwin who married Emily Fitzgerald should not be confused with Richard Downing (or Dawiny) Goodwin, born 1834 in Sydney, son of Thomas Fayette Goodwin and Ruth Munro, as Richard Downing Goodwin died aged 2 in 1836 (evidence: family bible, and headstone in Sydney Burial Ground). By Peter Sherlock. 

Latest update: Through DNA matches, we found out that Richard Goodwin's heritage was actually Goodhind!