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Boland Ancestry from Dubbo... 

The name Taree is believed to date back to 1770 during Captain James Cook exploratory voyage. He sailed north from what was to become Sydney.There were three Aboriginal tribes in the local area and it is thought that their name for a local 'fig' tree, a "Tareebit", resulted in the name Taree being used.

The first recorded European to cross the what is today known as the Manning River, was explorer John Oxley in 1818. He named a settlement at the mouth of the river "Harrington". Local commerce started to grow after that time. In the 1820's Cedar tree cutters arrived and started felling the vast local Cedar forests. Following a large grant of land on the river to Mr William Winter in 1831, he established a family home called "Taree" and had a Schooner named "Tarree" that was used to ship the cut Cedar to Sydney and ports in between.

Manning River ... named after Sir William Manning, Deputy-Governor of the Australian Agricultural Company, by Henry Dangar (surveyor for that company) in 1826 - originally "Manning's River", the apostrophe was soon dropped.