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This website is my own creation with this trusty EditPad Pro 7- it is a canvas to express myself and to let my family and friends know what is happening.

Deaf Dave's Story with his HQ Holden Car and The Spider in Auslan

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I basically used XHTML and CSS in EditPad Pro (a fantastic programmers notepad... Thou I also like NotePad++ a freeware) to create the look and feel of this website. After some experimenting I have decided to stick with the traditional white background and black text. I simply like the color purple. Now I often wonder what is purple, violet and indigo?!

The meaning of the color Purple?

Purple is any of a group of colors with a hue between that of violet and red.

Okay, purple is the combination of hot red and cool blue. Purple can appear both warm and cool. This is an intriguing colour. It is associated with nobility and spirituality.


Violet is the hue of the short-wave end of the visible spectrum, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 380 to 420 nanometers; any of a group of colors, reddish-blue in hue, that may vary in lightness and saturation.


Indigo is the hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between blue and violet, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 450 nanometers; a dark blue to grayish purple blue.

To sum it up, Purple is...

In plain english, purple is basically reddish blue color (leaning more red) and violet is blueish red color (leaning more blue). Check out for details on the color purple.

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  • "Karma: do good to others that others can do good to you"
  • "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein.
  • "Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself." -- Richard Feynman
  • "For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream." -- Vincent van Gogh

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Paternal Side - Mostly Scottish

  • Parker heritage
  • Seistrup (Denmark) heritage
  • McKinnon (Scottish) heritage
  • Perry heritage
  • Millard (English) heritage
  • Goodwin heritage
  • Rose heritage

Maternal Side - Mostly Irish

  • Healey (Irish) heritage
  • Stevens heritage
  • Byrnes (Irish) heritage
  • Thompson heritage
  • Boland (Irish) heritage
  • Radich (Croatian) heritage

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