George Parker

James Parker, George Parker, George Spencer Manning Parker, Douglas George Parker, Barry Douglas Parker, David Barry Parker.

Name: George Parker
Date of Birth Date of Marriage Date of Death
1838 1849 1874
Location of Birth: Location of Marriage: Location of Death:
Taree, NSW, Australia. NSW Australia. Casino, NSW, Australia.
Occupation: Farmer
Dad: James Parker Mum: Catherine nee Perry
Child1: John Healey DOB
Child2: Edward Healey DOB

Self Portrait

Family Portrait

Grave / Tombstone


George Parker is known to the family as Da. He is a farmer of Taree. He and his wife Euphemia Ann Mackinnon have produced 13 children. He left the Manning River District some years after marriage in 1874 to come to the Richmond River District.

He chartered the pilot boat "Christina Gollan" from Taree and brought other settlers to Woodburn . He arrived in 20th November 1886.

He selected land at Buchandoon and farmed this land until his retirement in 1927. He then lived at Lismore and later on in Casino.


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